Author: Charnette

Lore: Amazon Prime Exclusive Review


Science. Superstition. Religion. Mortality. Those four words are usually in opposition to each other. While they occasionally connect, and even times intersect, they usually don’t go together. Science replaces superstition. Belief in superstition is said to oppose religion, and religion…

All About [adult swim]’s Rick & Morty


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now of this show called “Rick & Morty”, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out. Rick and Morty is an adult animation that centers in on the chaotic domestic life…

Fargo, FX Season 3 (Spoiler free review!)


Fargo, FX Season 3 (Spoiler free review!) With the end of June comes the close of the most recent season of FX’s hit series, Fargo. After another season that was filled with surprises, twists, and turns, of course, everyone is wondering… will…