NYCC 2017 Preview – Great Year for Fanboys and Geeks

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Like there is a difference, right? What a year for the world of fantasy. And I am not even a gamer or comic book guy. I am a total geek for TV, movies and animated super hero fair.

So here is the list of things recent and upcoming I am excited about with out double checking sources…

X-Files Season 11, Star Wars VIII, X-Men TV – Legion and The Gifted, Other Marvel – The Defenders, Punisher, Shield, and Inhumans Royal Family (despite feedback from theatrical release) plus one more on Hulu I keep forgetting the title of, right? Walking Dead & Fear, Justice League Movie, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Black Panther Movie… I am just scratching the surface… More Evil Dead TV, The Tick, American Gods… WOW I spend WAY to much time watching TV and movies…

I must say, I almost boycotted reed pop NYC this year. Even as New Yorker (for 20 years) I find the crowds overwhelming and the process of just getting a soda and a sandwich beyond Disney lines expectations.

But I do have that special connection to X-Files, and now that they have added a panel, I got my ProPass, Better late than never, right?

I have been spoiled in past year by smaller “Cons”. I loved Horror Hound last weekend in Indiana. I mean this was tiny. It felt small being squished into hotel conference rooms. But still, there was never a line at the bathroom or bar. And except for a few stars with limited times, you almost could always walk right up and chat with some amazing folks.

DA… IT – sorry I will stream-of-conscious add to list above – GOTHAM, SUPERGIRL, ARROW, FLASH, LEGENDS OF…. TOMORROW


Nestor stole my Selfie job

Image result for walt frasier mitch pileggiIn the past two years I have also attended Wizard World Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Pittsburgh felt a bit small but meeting Dean Cain while dressed as Superman, watching the world premier of Supergirl 2 months before CBS… NICE. Of course I forgot to get selfie with Dean. But alas I love X-Files far more than Lois and Clark. That was also the day I decided William Shatner is bat guano crazy, or dementia has set in…

Chicago to me was the perfect size. Lots to see and do and just crowded enough to feel like it was the place to be. Great panel where David Duchovny told me to shut up (for no reason but to be cute and divert from question about his singing at a X-Files panel – BTW he hates X-Files questions at his concerts)


So I will go to NYCC 2017 with an open mind. There is so much to see and investigate these days. Inside scoops, chance meetings with celebs and creators… See you all next month at the Javits Center