Supergirl on CBS Hijacking Superman Stories

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Supergirl on CBS

SupergirlBIZARRO GIRL and FOR THE GIRL WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Ripping off Superman stories good or not?

I am so torn regarding Supergirl on CBS right now. I expect to love tonight’s episode, “Bizarro Girl,” and next week’s, “For the Girl Who has Everything.” If the past two episodes are any indication – with villians, Toyman and White Martian – CBS is delivering the DC Comics world justice.

I have less issue with tonight’s episode. BIZARRO WORLD has hijacked every DC character at some point. There is an entire LEGO movie of Bizarro JLA, right?

But “FOR THE GIRL WHO HAS EVERYTHING” is clearly a Superman story. In the original, Batman and Wonder Woman visit the the Fortress of Solitude only to find Mongul has enslave Clark’s mind with a parasitic organism.


When I first saw the episode line up for the next month, I reacted – overreacted – “WTF?”

But after a week of pondering the options, I am down with these two and other stories. And here is why.

I think Supergirl is by far the best representation of the Superman world and its characters on TV ever. And except for 1978’s “Superman The Movie” with Christopher Reeves – and its first sequel – maybe the best live action Superman period.

I don’t think we will get a Superman anytime soon that brings us to this type of universe. Movies and TV have missed the mark for decades. I watched all ten seasons of Smallville, all four seasons of Lois & Clark and both 2006 and 2013 movies. Being such a massive Superman Fan I stayed loyal, but was left wanting at every turn.

SUPERGIRL on CBS nails the tone of Superman’s Universe. Production, writing and acting give us great fantasy escapism. Technology now allows to bring the comics to live action TV shows almost as easily as animation. As a huge DCAU/Bruce Timm fan, I could not be more happy.

So I give my full endorsement over hijacking Superman Stories for the betterment of Supergirl. Good artist barrow. Great ones steal. (as told to me by every great musician ever)

Let Gotham and Arrow have the darker side of DC. No need to drag our Kryptonians in the mud. Leave Supergirl (and Superman) on the lighter side. Someone/Something needs to represent hope these days.