Teen Titans take on the Justice League – PODCAST

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Teen Titans take on the Justice League – PODCAST


Teen Titans take on the Justice League – PODCAST


Teen Titans

Teen Titans



I love these animated movies. They are produced for me and fans like me. We grew up watching animated shorts. They are appealing to the childhood nostalgia but include more adult themes, images and language.

The action is far more violent than any TV cartoon. Would we see Blue Beetle burn of Damien’s face on Cartoon Network.

There is nothing childish about Starfire’s costume. And we see Dick Greyson trying to catch a glimpse under her towel via skype. And when we see Starfire change into costume, that ruby over her naughty parts is very well placed. It’s no wonder this character inspires so much animated porn and risqué cosplay outfits.

The teen age budding dark love between Raven and Robin is fairly real. Emo kids – even emo ninjas and witches – get each other.

We get demon sex with Raven’s Mom.

And don’t get me started on naked Beast Boy. AWKWARD.

At the beginning of the movie we are IN MEDIAS RES as Hall of Justice is attacked by the legion of doom –

Both are introduced as so called and new…

Lex – A little more gruff voiced.



Weather Wizard

Toyman – more Computer geek form Mom’s Basement.



Wonder Woman

Batman & Damien (Robin)



Where’s Green Lantern

Batman “How’s crowd control”

Robin “As predicted, they respond like contemptible sheep”

He where’s the costume but is Damien really Robin. We certainly does not play the role of side kick willingly.

“Azarath calls – The hour of his rising is at hand” Demons break villain rule number one – telling their plans.

Possessed Weather Wizard makes Superman Bleed

Batman clearly hates advice from anyone, especially Cyborg and Flash.

No shortage of jokes

BATMAN: Where does all the food go if you don’t have a stomach?

CYBORG: You don’t want to know.

Nothing better to teach Damien Wayne how to be human than the more cold detached Raven.

I like the footage of seeing Teen Titans letting go and having fun at the carnival. Damien certainly needed unwinding time. But I still hate the musical montages. Way too annoying.

During a Dance Dance Revolution battle we hear beast boy yell BOO YAH which is an EASTER EGG recalling Cyborg’s go to catch phrase in Teen Titans 2003 TV show. Trigon’s demons reminded me of Karkull from Superman The Animated Series.

Of course Trigon goes after Superman first. That is always the way to take down the Justice League.

The Titans handle themselves well against three demonic henchmen but are out matched by the Possessed Justice League. Raven has to sacrifice herself to stop her friends from dying.

Batman takes himself away by nearly killing himself to avoid possession.

Blue Beetle recovers Cyborg by an energized dart to the neck.

But Wonder Woman and Flash get away with Raven where they find Possessed Superman and a giant interdimensional stargate.

When the titans arrive for a rematch they are more prepared. Damien, like Trigon, realizes the trick is to get Superman first. Damian succeeds where Batman failed, using Kryptonite to flush out the demon. Damien uses the Kryptonite to stab Superman.

At the very end of the movie we see TERRA