Jessica Jones Season 2 Not your typical Superhero Show – SPOILER ALERTS

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Jessica Jones Season 2 has a number of critics and fans scratching their heads. Meanwhile I am calling for Emmy nods.

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Most Superhero shows feature a lousy script with just enough action a network show can afford to shoot and keep super geeks like me hooked. CW continuously creates a fun first season of DC comic book characters only to fall into their pattern of second rate soaps to keep cash cows running.

Netflix / Marvel has gone a different direction with Jessica Jones. JJ2 has a minimal amount of action sequences. It is not the bad ass series of Daredevil, or the slick Harlem Streets tension of Luke Cage. It many ways JJ2 succeeds where Iron Fist failed a bit in delivering a great story with even less action than that minor disappointment.

JJ Season 1 was a mind bender with Kilgrave creeping us out as he makes Jessica and other do horrible deeds for his personal gain and amusement. Season 2 reveals the Purple Man still has his teeth into Jessica’s psyche even after death. Scenes with Ritter and David Tennant are marvelous to watch.

But Season 2 is not a major battle with an arch enemy. JJ2 is all about inner demons and choices.

Believe it or not JJS is a Mother Daughter drama worthy of Emmy consideration.

There are two moms – Mrs Walker and Mrs Jones.

Throughout JJ2 Trish and Jessica are navigating the love – hate relationship with each other and their moms. The moms continually mess up their daughters’ lives in the hope of protecting/saving their offspring.

Iron fist failed at the classic Marvel “Grey Area” between heroes and villains. It just did not have the quality direction, writing and perhaps even a bit weak in the acting.

Meanwhile almost every one is dealing with abuse and addiction – drugs, alcohol, power, super power, needing to be needed…

JJ2 is the polar opposite. This cast is working at 150% delivering believable characters contemplating big choices between family, self preservation and justice.

In Jessica Jones Season 2 there are no clear cut bad guys / gals or heroes. The death of the main antagonist is more tragic than just.

Meanwhile, once a considered ally, Jeryn “Jeri” Hogarth, who has our sympathy for much of the season, proves to be quite the force to be reckoned. Hogarth is not an evil villain, but sinks pretty low to maintain top dog status.

The only reason Jessica Jones is the title character? She at times has the mind set of a hero. Her motivations quite often instinctively falls into line as a hero, no matter how reluctantly she heeds the call. But not at all times. Her story is nearly tragic as she chooses her messed up mom over justice  and the greater good. But even that action is born out of hope Jessica can fix Alisa Jones.

We did not get Claire Temple, making this the first Defenders series w/o Rosario Dawson. There is also no Luke Cage or other cameo from the series, even though they are referenced. Spider Man and Captain America all get some plugs and Jessica ultimately wants to send her Mother to the Raft, the super powered floating prison from Cap. America: Civil War, which is mentioned often in Agents of Shield (ABC).

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