Marvel Iron Fist S2 gets it Right This Time – Thanks to the Ladies!

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I was one of the kinder critics of Iron Fist Season 2. Like Star Wars 1, 2 ,3, not as bad as folks like to complain.

Perhaps none of the above were all that bad; we just love the rest of the canon that much more

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 gets it right where Season 1 fell short. The grey area between villains and heroes is far better explored – thanks to far better writing, direction and performance – taking Iron Fist from 4th to maybe 1st of the Defender’s quartet.

Right away, had more action than all of Season One, on of the biggest complains of S1.

The drama kept us on the edge of the seat, while Season One left us thinking, “That’s It?”

The real stars of Season Two is a cast of bad ass women. Which, by the season wrap, is revealed to be quite on purpose.The junior high school comic book geek exclaimed “CHICK FIGHT, COOL” but mature me realized this was much more.

The women handled their stuff, while men were caught up with emotion, greed and power. The men always want to fight, but the women only fight when they had too, but were no less, perhaps far more, fierce – Always far more effective.

This works, where so many other projects appear to just be making a statement, because all the characters are well crafted. It was not a feminist propaganda shoving views to the for front. It was simply the fact of the world in which this show lives. (More about this later, as I am avoiding the spoilers as best possible possible 72 hours in….)

Where Season One felt a bit all over the place, Season 2 better handles the psychology of nature v nurture. The entire team has honed their craft in telling this story 100 fold.

Season One felt more like 1980s comic book TV/Movie character plots.

This time you actually believe this “villains” think they are the victims on a righteous path. In their mind they are the hero of this story, making the hard choices.

You believe the motivations of those out for revenge, or darkened by circumstance.

You believe these are heroes questioning their path, rejecting being heroes, until the fight forces them to step up to the plate.

Gumming up the works are a bunch of characters that are just trying to survive.

The show just came out so I am staying vague-ish. I want to say so much mire, but I will give you another 24 hours.

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OMG WTG Alice Eve bringing this version of Typhoid Mary to life. NEED MORE NOW!!!!!

THANK YOU Tom Pelphrey for giving us a Ward Meachum we actually pity and can come to love. Did the writers of Season 2 give you so many gems as a way to say SORRY for writing Ward SO badly? We still believe this character is not necessarily a “good guy” but this version of Ward feels VERY real.