TV Spiderman Early Stain on Marvel Live Action

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TV Spiderman Early Stain on Marvel Live Action – Watch the pilot if you dare…

TV Spiderman Early Stain on Marvel Live Action

Have you ever seen CBS’s 1977 TV Spiderman Pilot?

The show was horrible. It’s too bad because the key elements of the show were there. Nicholas Hammond was a great college aged grad-student Peter Parker working as a photographer while studying majoring in science. Both David White, and later Rober F Simon, served well as J.J. Jeff Donnell as Aunt May was lovable, even though I cannot comprehend a woman named Jeff. But once you got to dealing with bad guys, the stories turned south.

TV Spiderman

Perhaps the main problem, no one could do Spiderman at the time. Special effects, especially on a TV budget were not up to par with Spiderman’s unique talents. Many of the wall crawling scenes were Hammond crawling on a green / blue screen floor super imposed onto a house or building. As kid in the 1970s this was passable. Today just laughable.

TV Spiderman

The villains were very run of the mill. You really did not need the super powers of a radiated spider to solve these crimes. Spiderman has one of the best rogues gallery of all time, yet none of them showed up in the series. The big baddie of the pilot was a jerk with mind control pins.

Particularly humorous was Peter’s testing of his spider webs, swinging from a tree in Aunt May’s back yard.

The show lasted two half seasons. CBS never fully committed to the show, and perhaps that was smart. Ordering both season 1 and 2 was a timid process, fearing the expensive program by 1970s TV standards would not pay off.

Spiderman’s co-creator, Stan Lee, may have been the shows biggest critic.



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