TROLLS Teaser Trailer has the world Face-Palming

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From the creators of “Shrek” OK.. that sounds good
Anna Kendrick.. fabulous! Who doesn’t like Anna Kendrick?
Justin Timberlake.. Ok.. welp…still sounds good!
Meet the TROLLS!  What kind of trolls? The trolls that trash people online and get off of pissing everyone off from behind their laptops and smartphones? NOPE! Now THAT would have been a good movie! Somebody needs to start a kickstarter for it NOW! Sadly this is not about THOSE trolls. It’s about the Troll Collectibles.. you know from the 90s with the poofie hair heads! Yes. Dreamworks has made an animated feature about these little guys… and it looks like they know how to Nae Nae to! Also – really important! THEY’RE apparently DELICIOUS! Basically they are like the smurfs with bad hair.