LUKE: HAUNTING of HILL HOUSE ep 4 Netflix Ghost Hunting Easter Eggs

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LUKE: HAUNTING of HILL HOUSE ep 4 Netflix Ghost Hunting Easter Eggs



THE TWIN THING – I am not sure we knew Luke and Nell were twins before this. Of course Luke is 90 minutes older. So he is the 4th eldest and the focus of episode four. Luke is as much haunted by his inner demons as the ghosts of Hill House.


0:30 Luke confides here with his “friend”, Abigail.



3:23 No ghosts here, but remember what happens to eyes in the fire. SCARY call back to this moment in a few hours..


So I am assuming I have missed something. I am staring at every corner of this frame. Similarly looking for more in the frame with Abigail above. None of the usual suspects as far as I can tell..


Statue or Ghost?


This light effect is not there in every shot, however that may be issue with angels etc. Not convinced.

tall man

Is that a painting or the tall man without his hat on the right.


WTF is that down the hall? Definitely not there a second ago. Compare with shot down the same hall above.


in the painting?


Another magic eye? As I stare at the sunset reflection, faces appear.


12:35 A ghost or the twin thing. Luke knows something is wrong, beyond the other siblings all waking up at 3:03am EST. At first, Luke thinks “GO!” is a call to action for finding his rehab girl friend.


Curious faces in the window pane?


14:26 FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS? This lady always freaks me out. Clara!


14:38 Ghost, Statue or Mrs Dudley?

tall man

18:22 ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER – the first time we see the tall man? DO the dogs only bark when the ghosts are around?

tall man

20:22 Is this the first time Luke sees the Tall Man?

hide under bed

21:36 Just when you thought it was safe to hide under the bed again… BAD CHOICE!


22:05 Maybe it’s Jack, the pumpkin king?

22:58 It really sucks to be Luke at Hill House. I blame mom for giving Luke the hat.


Missed Tall Man back there in this shot the first few times I watched.


26:36 Well at least this guy is consistent. I question whether this guy is a ghost or some imaginary reminder of the horrible ghoul from Hill House. Is LUKE the tall man?


At first the window dressings look like the tall man in another shot. But is there a misty apparition on the right there?


38:49 Luke is feeling even colder than usual, with cold sweats, stiffness in the arms & legs… THE TWIN THING is sensing Nellie’s from 3000 miles away.

grumpy old men

There are three types of ghosts in The Haunting of Hill House. The ghosts the characters see. The ghosts they do not see quietly observing life. And then the shadows and other images freaks like me see.Like in this shot, I see a muppet-like grumpy old man with crossed arms judging Luke – “YOU FOOL”

am i crazy

Am I crazy or is there multiple faces laughing at Luke now?


I know this is graffiti but akin to the faces I keep seeing in other clips.


40:20 That’s not a ghost. Just a junkie. This episode is quite sad. Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Johnathon Harker form the 2013 Dracula series) is emmy worthy in this episode.


40:25 That is Fedor Steer as William Hill / Bowler Hat Man
Is this guy a CO-WALKER? Doppelgangers? I had a sudden idea that this manifest is more of a death omen. Curiosity plus google lead me to find the following…

Click here to enlarge this image

  • FROM BATCOW Also known as: Wraiths, Waffs, Swarths, Ghosts of the Living, Mawkins, Living Pictures, Doubles, Double-Men, Doppelgangers, Echoes, Reflections, Reflex-Men, Reflexions, Copies, Autoscopies, Finis, Death Visitants, Tokens, Tasks, Lledrith, Freits, Fetch, Waiths, Thrumpins. The concept of the Co-Walker is known by various names across Britain, Ireland and indeed the world. Known sometimes as Ghosts of the Living, their origins have been oft debated. Appearing as an exact likeness or Double of someone still living, to see ones’ own Co-Walker is most frequently regarded to be an omen of the arrival of death within the near future. However there often seems to be enough time remaining to at least document or inform others of the encounter. Frequently the beholder of such an unexpected sight will sadly resign themselves to their fate, but in the Northeast of England (where the spectacle was known as a Waff) it was believed that talking harshly to the apparition may allay the approach of fatality on that occasion. The term Fetch is sometimes used as one of the motley alternatives for Co-Walker, but it can also be used specifically to refer to a variant of the phenomenon. When the ghostly likeness of a living person is seen by someone else, usually a close friend or relative, this apparition is often referred to as a Fetch. Often the timing of the Fetch’s appearance coincided near to exact with the moment that their mortal semblance ceased to live.


back to back

49:00 Back to Back – During initial viewing, THIS is the first time I questioned the true nature of this manifestation. Like a CO WALKER – this is a mirror, from the back side, with a bowler hat.


49:10 Or perhaps even a Banshee?

  • Also known as: Beansidhe, Bean-Si, Benshee, Fairy Woman, Woman of the Hills, Bachuntas, Badbh-Chaointes, Cointeach, Wailers, The Keener, The One Who Keens, Mna-Sige, Mna-Sidhe, Cyhiraeth, Cyraeth, Cyoerrath, Cyhyraeth, The White Lady of Sorrows, The Weeper, The Skree, Caoineag, Caointeach, Fear-Sidh, Seinn-Bais, Death Music, Tolaeth, Ghost Sounds, Bocanachs, Bowa. The wail of the Banshee (known as the Keening) is said to be heard either by the person whose death is imminent, or by someone closely associated to them. People with a strong Celtic bloodline are considered more likely to encounter a Banshee, and some old families may hold a peculiarly strong bond with one of these creatures. This is sometimes thought to indicate a distant Fay strain within their genes but others have suggested an earthier, more sinister reasons for the connection. The finger points at certain reputedly Banshee-ridden families with the accusation that one of their ancestors murdered a young lady, possibly a pregnant mistress or other similar unfortunate, and so it is believed that their descendants must carry a reminder of this shame for evermore. The shadow of this sin falls at the approach of their darkest hours and may be specifically regarded as being a Hateful Banshee. To those who have not heard the Banshee’s cries (and count themselves lucky for this), it is often imagined that this must be a loud, dreadful noise and sometimes it has been reported as such (usually in the cases of Hateful Banshees), but not always. Sometimes her Keening was described as being oddly melodic and strangely comforting, especially if heard by someone who was old and failing, had endured a long, discomforting illness or was of a family favored by the Faeries.


Cure kids but I do not think this charming technique is working. Is that a tiny ghost on the left. Looks like Jeff Dunham’s Walter puppet.