Netflix’s Dark Secrets Revealed SPOILER ALERT

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Netflix’s Dark Revealed SPOILER ALERT

Just an hour ago I post a blog about character breakdowns. This was more of a n effort to make sure i understood Netflix’s Dark better before moving on to the final season one episode 10 named “Alpha and Omega.”

Since that time I have watched the final episode. First may I say AWESOME. Second SPOILER ALERT.


Netflix’s Dark Revealed

Netflix's Dark

There a few major reveals in the final episode of Netflix’s Dark.

  1. The town is stuck in a time loop. And nothing anyone does can change it. Everything is predetermined.
  2. More people know about the loops than we could have guessed.
  3. Many characters are trying to fix it in various ways, unwittingly following a predestined path.
  4. Loop is not limited to 1953, 1986 and 2019.
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  5. Jonas is the Stranger. YOU WERE WARNED
  6. Bartosz is Noah.

    Netflix's Dark

    Netflix’s Dark Revealed

So Dark is Ground Hog Day meets star trek on crack – the ultimate paradox. As many answers we got in episode 10, we are setup wondering what to expect in season two.

Will Peter kill Charlotte because she is getting to close to the truth?

By the looks of the future, the town becomes very self aware of the time loop on some level, almost expecting Jonas.

When exactly is the bunker decked out in wall paper?

Was Helge a serial killer from day one? Is Noah just collecting his victims for research, keeping the time loop on course?

With all the answers revealed, NOTHING is as it seemed 10 hours ago.

I would like to thank the creators of Dark for delivering a perfect season that both wraps up one part of the story while leaving plenty of room for the next stage.

But as we learned the story has already been mapped out. We are on a fact finding mission to learn learn about what happens to these characters.

We now know that Jonas has about 33 years of time travel ahead of him. That alone could fill a few seasons of great TV. We have no shortage of fun characters, each with their own story in each time.

Wait, was that Martha Nielsen at the end?

Did Elisabeth Doppler decorate the bunker in foxes 33 years from now?

The more I ponder, the more questions posed. I am more excited for more DARK than any other show on TV or streaming service.

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