MIST, THE Spike Cancels; Netflix give us Season 2.

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THE MIST Season 1 took just a couple days to binge with tons of creepy horror, intense scenes with survivors question their next move and numerous attacks on society norms.


THIS is why I don’t go to malls

THE MIST Season 1 on Netflix via Spike via Stephen King

THE MIST Season 1 triumphs where the 2007 movie falls completely short. At this time Spike has cancelled the series but I hope Netflix picks up the mantle.

The 2007 movie, of course, certainly was not helped by the lousy remake of THE FOG in the same year. Millions must of joined me in the chorus asking, “Did I not just see this movie?”

While ghost pirates never walk from this cloud of cinematic disaster, the movie left little in impressions.

I have yet to read the novel. As we joke in many Improv comedy shows, I just don’t have the time to read another 400 pages about a quaint small Maine town before anything happens.Reading up on the summary via WIKI the novel, I am surprised to learn, is closer to the movie with some changes to the ending.

The 2017 SPIKE TV series starts with a small town scandal. Kevin and Eve Copland’s (Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland) daughter, Alex (Gus Birney), sneaks out to a party where she passes out and is raped. According to bully victim and gay friend, Adrian (Russell Posner), the rapist is quarterback and sheriff’s son, Jay (Luke Cosgrove). The Sheriff (Darren Pettie) vows his son will not see jail time, but clearly he suspects guilt.

Simultaneously an army officer (Okezie Morro) awakes in the woods suffering amnesia with a whimpering dog (“I hope you are mine”) as a suspicious thick fog rolls in through the trees. His ID has the name is Bryan Hunt. After the dog is killed in the mist, Bryan runs into town. He is locked up as a crack pot by the sheriff an deputies. He meets Mia (Danica Curcic), a dark soul and recovering junkie in the next cell.

We first meet Mia she is escaping being tied up on a farm. She runs to her former home to learn her mother is gone. Mia is arrest when she sneaks into the shed to find a bag of cash. The new owner confronts her and calls the cops.

Nathalie (Francis Conroy) and other town’s people notice birds and frogs appearing to flee in the same direction. After heading to the library for research, Nathalie learns discovers similarities to the Black Spring, when animals went crazy and many died in the late 1800s. Her husband warns about conspiracy theories.

As the whole town seems to be turning on them, Eve decides to leave with Alex – via a quick stop at the mall. Meanwhile Kevin, clearly in a troubled marriage with Eve, heads to the Sheriff’s station to report vandalism at the house, where Adrian is being questioned by the deputy. Kevin is forced to deal with his daughter’s accused rapist’s father.

The Mist rolls into town with a vengeance.

The rest of the season reveals little about the Mist’s true nature, other than it appears to take shape based on your fears – as various bugs, animals and people. Sometimes the mist just sucks you dry.

More importantly the next 9 episodes is all about the Copland’s trying to survive an eventually reunite.

Akin to all great horror, this mist just brings out the worst in most people. Human Nature is the true evil. The writers take on religion, local politics, military, neighbors and more.

“We are just 9 meals away from chaos,” Eve explains a common theory describing how fragile is our society.

In THE MIST all hell breaks lose before the last crackers are distributed.

As I tweeted, I have a hard time watching these movies. For 30+ years I have enjoyed the cautionary tales of man faced with the Apocalypse. Zombies, Nuclear Destruction, Famine, AI/Robots, Mutant bugs and more have shown us the evil in mens’ hearts and deeds.

But in 2017, with the rise of Nationalism and the degradation of civility and public trust, the world seems closer to a nightmare scenario. These cautionary tales are much closer to home in recent times.

I fear not enough watch these projects and heed the artist’s warnings. Fables are not just stories. They have valuable messages. Zombie movies are never about getting eaten by the undead. It is the presumed loved one that kills you for the last bite of food. or slits your ankles so they can escape.

Before writing this review I had started the pilot of THE HANDMAID’s TALE on HULU. Nearly through the first hour of programming, I had to stop and write this blog.

When YOU KNOW WHAT goes down, which Walking Dead Character will you be?

The leader?

The fighter?

The murderer?

The trickster?

The blind follower?

WAKE UP, these are all in our midst now. Don’t wait for the end to show what you are capable of today.

The Mist

The Mist on Netflix