All About [adult swim]’s Rick & Morty

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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now of this show called “Rick & Morty”, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out.


Rick and Morty is an adult animation that centers in on the chaotic domestic life of the two titular characters Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. The show focuses on the Smith family, their neighborhood, and the world they live in, as well as alternate dimensions. The show has themes ranging from science fiction to horror and often times, subverts common tropes that are often littered in the media they spoof and parody.
Rick is Morty’s grandfather and has the mad scientist role down to a t, except it goes beyond what you would expect. His own genius and creativity oftentimes prove to be his downfall as he is oftentimes caught in predicaments that could have been avoided had Rick been more judicial in what he did. A reckless, self loathing, egotistical, and perpetual drunk, Rick Sanchez often times creates conflict with his blatant disregard for rules.

Morty on the other hand is a boy whom is equal parts dumb to all of Rick’s smarts. A nervous, jittery mess, Morty often allows himself to be an accomplice or passively observing the situations that Rick’s destruction entails. He is the moral oppose of Rick and tries to believe the best in everyone, and yearns for a normal life.

The show itself is fixed in the science fiction genre. One of the main ideas of the show is that there are infinite, parallel realities. Rick uses this fact to hop across dimensions, grabbing things he needs. Having infinite parallel realities also means infinite versions of himself and his grandchildren. This results in Rick placing little value in his family, as he could jump dimensions at any given time.

The show is already in its 3rd season, after a surprise premier of the first episode in season 3 aired on April Fools’ day. Since then, the show has gone on to promote itself by cleverly adding the characters to ads for other things. They also have a touring bus that is shaped like Rick Sanchez. All and all, it’s been a huge marketing mission to get the word out, and fans are excited to view the new season. Only three episodes in, and it already looks promising, the second episode featuring Mad Max styled characters and jokes and the third episode featuring the guest voices of Danny Trejo and Susan Saradon.

“This is going to be our darkest season yet!” Rick proclaims to Morty at the end of season 3’s first episode, and indeed, it has. Not only was last week’s episode action packed, it was filled with gratuitous and over the top violence that was executed by none other than Rick as a Pickle. Fans are glad to see the wait paying off, and I think that this upcoming season hasn’t even shown us it’s best yet.