My evening with Mitch Pileggi – NYCC Off-Site Fundraiser

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Mitch Pileggi poses with some die hard fans October 8 2017 at the Broadway Comedy Club NYC

My evening with Mitch Pileggi – NYCC Off-Site  Fundraiser

We cannot thank everyone for making last night so special. Starting with Mitch Pileggi himself – Everyone felt welcome by your hugs and smiles. To Dita Asmoro from Mitch’s Pledgies (Ask us the street name for his fandom sometime) and all our mutual friends for making this happen, and keeping me whole as I struggled with a terrible cough and potential loss of voice.

Of course thank you to X-Files News for covering the event and EVERYONE that attended.

We raised over $1000 for NO KID HUNGRY. If you were unable to attend you can still support this amazing cause.

The evening started out early. We scheduled the house to open at 6:30. I think Guests started arriving at 5 and Mitch was in before 6. So a lot of fans got some very special time with the man behind Walter Skinner and countless other TV roles from Dallas, Grey’s Anatomy, Stargate SG1, etc etc etc. I saw Wes Craven’s Shocker in the theaters and always find it funny I did not realize this was the same actor until season 5.


Then my Improv troupe EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH took stage for a very heavily X-Files themed show including the missing scene from the UNNATURAL with Laurice and I as Dana and Fox….

FULL VIDEO to be released soon. Before our closing blues number, Mitch Pileggi joined us for a round of three headed expert.

Then it was Q&A time with Mitch

Then some trivia questions with Mitch Pileggi and I reading lines from X-Files and the audience guessing which episode. I am particularly proud of my Dana Scully. LOOK OUT GILLIAN ANDERSON HERE COMES…. never mind…Your job is safe….

Thanks also to Al Martin and the staff at the Broadway Comedy Club for making this event perfect. Al confessed to me a few weeks ago that he and his wife are HUGE Dallas fans as we bankrupted an all you can eat Brazillian Brasserie.


Mitch Pileggi

If you have not had a chance to meet Mitch Pileggi in person look for him at the next Wizard World, Horror Hound or other Con near you. He is one of the most gracious people I have have had the pleasure of meeting.

AND look for him to be in a lot more X-Files in 2018 according to Chris Carter.

More sites and sounds from this amazing event…

And if you see Dita sleeping on the street of New York…. (COMMENT WAR TO FOLLOW)

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