FOX X-Files Lucifer win Monday Time Slots 2/3

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The X-Files, Lucifer and every show on TV took a dip from the previous week, however, the two FOX shows still ruled their time slots edging out popular reality programming. These down turns are very easily explainable.

X-Files Lucifer FOX win Monday 2/3



The eagerly awaited X-Files return was too much for many to wait for DVR and on-demand. The fandom David Duchovny calls, “Loyal as F***!” regularly on Twitter was there to live tweet and watch the new episodes on the edge of their seats. MY STRUGGLE and FOUNDER’S MUTATION were events, as hyped by FOX.


Rhys Darby transforms into the Were-Monster on X-Files. 6-episode event mini-series Mondays 8pm on FOX

Now that the initial 14-year wait is over, I see fans slipping into more current TV watching patterns. DVR and watching without commercials, online viewing on the road etc. I suspect the three- and seven-day numbers will match the previous weeks totals, especially with all the supportive buzz for Darin Morgan’s Episode.


Tom Ellis as Lucifer on FOX Mondays 9pm EST

Also, this is political geek season, and Monday was the Superbowl of the Presidential Election Preseason activities and millions of eyes were on the Iowa Caucuses. I know at least two X-Philes in Iowa that were busy caucusing at the time. Sounds painful, like a dental procedure or something you do to an old bathroom.

The Clinton-Sanders nail biter alone was enough to draw away crowds and watching Donald Trump’s defeat is all the water cooler talk Tuesday morning.

Further evidence of this is the horrible numbers at 10pm for network TV. Looks like many followed my lead and switched over to CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS to get the final results, which was a long night waiting for a few coin flips to name Clinton the winner.

I have no doubt that X-Files and Lucifer will continue to perform well the next three weeks and fans – and producing teams – are already a buzz with X-Files Season 11 discussions.

And if this week’s episode is any indication, the X-Files stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, seem to be having fun back as Mulder and Scully.